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The future of end-user computing solutions forum

19th January 2021 | 10:30am - 12:00pm CST
Work from anywhere! Define it, live it, and make it happen. Is this a challenge or an opportunity?

No one can predict the future, but we all may agree what it could look like. Expect for it to feature new threats and challenges, but also be more demanding, customer-centric, and data-driven.

Now more than ever, IT departments need to provide tools, support, and intelligence to an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. As the world continues to respond to the changes and challenges brought about by the on-going pandemic, IT remains at the forefront of balancing creativity, security, and productivity in the workplace.

Building a digital workplace that delivers both the environment and the tools your workforce needs and wants has never been more critical. Businesses need to enable teams to work from anywhere whether it is a challenge or an opportunity. So, what are the features, toolsets, and capabilities you are looking for to help enable your organization to meet your goals? What drives your current IT purchasing and procurement decisions when it comes to end-user computing? Does the current climate excel your plans to move more mobile of move to the cloud?

Join Dell Technologies and a select group of industry thought leaders who are shaping the future of end-user computing solutions to explore best practices, trends, and opportunities in this space. Take part in this dynamic customer driven conversation that can potentially shape new technologies and help deliver the next generation of end-user solutions.

Join Sitecore, Microsoft and a select group of marketing and digital industry peers to discuss how to propel your personalization strategy into the future, how to effectively target customers at every stage of their journey and how to use data to identify common points of friction to help you prioritise content creation themes.

Discussion Topics

How are you enabling a remote workforce in the current climate? Are you providing them with the right tools and support to create a seamless experience?
Are you accelerating innovation and your journey to cloud? Where are your technology gaps?
What drives your IT purchasing and procurement decisions when it comes to end-user computing?
Thought Leader
Kelli Hodges Director, Commercial Product Marketing, Dell Technologies
Kelli Hodges joined Dell in 2010. She is Director of Product Marketing for the Commercial Business… Find out more
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