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The future of data: putting your most powerful asset to work

24th September 2020 | 2:00pm BST
Why every business should rethink data?

Business leaders and data managers are in a race to keep up with today’s unprecedented data growth and sprawl.

Managing the continuous data torrent flowing across networks, from data centres to multi-cloud platforms and the edge and leveraging its value is today’s great tech challenge, and one that can present a devastating loss in value.

We know that currently, around 68 percent of enterprise data goes unused. And, as we look ahead the situation is only set to escalate, with the rate of data created due to increase exponentially to 175 zettabytes by 2025 (IDC 2020).

One thing is certain: enterprises need to adopt a more integrated, dynamic approach to get a better handle on their data.

Join Seagate and Tech Data for a myth-busting session on what the power of data means for you and your customers, followed by an intimate break-out session to discuss one of the following four topics with fellow industry thought leaders:

Session Details

Session 1:
CCTV & Surveillance

Find out how you can unlock data insights with surveillance solutions to help improve operations, bolster security and leverage AI technologies.
Session 2:
Rethink Telco, Automotive, … Data Flow, Data Management, Data Monetization

Discuss the emergence of new technologies from Edge to Core and their use cases in the telecoms and automotive sectors (and not only).
Session 3:
Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Learn how software-defined storage may have the most promise and the greatest feasibility in revolutionizing your data centre.
Session 4:
Media & Entertainment

Gather with fellow industry thought leaders to explore why the transfer, storage and accessibility of data within the digital content creation process is now more important than ever.

Your Host

Keynote Speaker
Erik Salo Senior Director, Seagate
Senior Director, global systems channel and enterprise partnerships. Erik is responsible for driving growth in Seagate’s… Find out more
Session 1
Steve Jones EMEA Business Development Video Surveillance Segment, Seagate
Over 30 years in the Video Surveillance market covering engineering, Sales and Business Development. I have… Find out more
Session 2
Antoine Le Bideau EMEA leader, Telcos and Automotive customers, Seagate
EMEA leader, Telcos and Automotive customers. Antoine is responsible for driving growth in Seagate’s Edge to… Find out more
Session 3
Iman Anvari Head of Solutions, AV/ADAS, 5G, Video Analytics, Healthcare, M&E, Seagate
Iman Anvari leads the vertical market solutions architecture team at Seagate Technology, focusing on designing storage… Find out more
Session 4
Laurent Lacore Account Executive - M&E market , Seagate
Sales and Solution Architect with over 20 years of expertise in data management, storage and system… Find out more

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