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The future of data management: how properly managing your data can impact your data to improve your customer experience

26th October 2020 | 12:00pm ET
How to succeed in an era of data-driven care?

There’s no denying that even before COVID-19, today’s global enterprises have extremely complex data requirements: from managing the exponential growth of data to integrating with third parties and delivering data protected applications. Now, as IT executives look inwards to their infrastructures, the challenges of their legacy systems, and their ability to fend off increased cyber-attacks, the need for a data-driven solution has never been clearer.

Then there’s the issue of compliance: whether it’s GDPR or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – as data volumes expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to safeguard.

So, how can you set your company up for success in this era of data-driven customer-management? How can you seamlessly manage your critical and back up data while defending against sophisticated cybersecurity threats? And how can you break down silos within the organization and make disparate sets of clinical data easily accessible and actionable?

Join Commvault, ePlus, and a group of key industry experts to discuss how to deliver more effective, personalized experience using the power of data.

Discussion Topics

What are your biggest challenges within data management and protection?
How are you prioritizing your customer/patient’s data security?
How are you using analytics to support your customers/patients?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Don Foster Vice President, Storage Solutions, Commvault
Thought Leader
Doug King Chief Information Officer, ePlus
Mr. King joined ePlus in July 2018, and as CIO is responsible to deliver reliable, agile,… Find out more
Thought Leader
Justin Mescher Vice President of Cloud and Data Center Solution, ePlus
Justin Mescher is the Vice President of Cloud and Data Center Solutions for ePlus. As part… Find out more

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