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The evolution of Big Data within media, entertainment and telecoms

5th February 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
Discover the possibilities for data and API monetization

The media and entertainment industries have long been proponents of Big Data. Their evolution not only allows the acceleration of digital transformation but helps reduce costs and generate revenue in a highly competitive market. And, while the wealth of data they hold is enough to make other industries envious, there are certain gaps in their data sets that can only be filled by external sources.

Enter telecommunications.

We’ve seen the power and possibility of partnerships between media or entertainment brands and telecommunications providers, from stadiums being able to push personalized deals and content to its fans in real-time via smart phones, to amusement parks being able to interact and engage with guests throughout their visit.

Enabled by integration with API capabilities, entertainment venues can gain data from partner ecosystems, modernize their own applications as a result and build a winning customer experience.

Simultaneously, telcoms providers have access to new revenue streams from the monetization of their data, allowing the opportunity to expand into new markets quickly, with reduced development costs.

So, how can you leverage the wealth of opportunities available from data integration? Join SoftServe and a select group of industry experts for an interactive virtual roundtable to discuss ways to monetize APIs and data, to sell services across new channels and how it can help drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Discussion Topics

What experience have you had with leveraging Big Data to better understand your audience? What have been the main challenges you’ve experienced on your journey?
Is improving your customer user experiences a key focus? What are your main challenges in connecting the customer journey?
Are you considering or have taken any steps to utilize API and data monetization? If experienced, what type of project(s) are you prioritizing and why?

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