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The changing role of grocery store employees in 2021

26th October 2020 | 1:00pm EST
How do retailers meet employees’ needs when everyone is being asked to do more with less?

For many essential workers in a deskless environment, life changed substantially when Covid-19 hit. They were put in harm’s way and expected to rise to the challenge. Now, essential retailers are being forced to review their benefits, their legal policies, and their health and safety protocols to ensure they’re protected should employees get Covid-19.

Compliance is critical in today’s environment. As safety protocols continue to change, grocery retailers need a reliable and efficient way to communicate with all employees and ensure that tasks are being completed. According to Retail Zipline, only 29% of direction sent to stores is being executed correctly by store teams. Since execution can now be a matter of life or death, headquarters needs to be able to track compliance and receive feedback from stores and understand what’s happening at the local level.

So, how can you drive better store execution? How can you streamline communication to ensure it gets to the right people at the right stores? What role does communication play in employee and customer safety?

Join Retail Zipline and a select group of grocery retail leaders to explore current challenges, the role of the grocery worker in 2021, and the growing need for improved communication between headquarters and stores.

Discussion Topics

How do retailers meet employees’ changing needs?
How can you ensure employees’ safety, job satisfaction, and loyalty in today’s environment?
How can you improve communication and engagement with your employees working in stores and warehouses?

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Melissa Wong CEO and Co-founder, Retail Zipline
Melissa Wong is a retail veteran and consumer technology expert, having spent over 10 years focusing… Find out more
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