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Tenant to tenant: serial acquirers

4th August 2020 | 3:00pm BST
How are you developing a repeatable integration for Office 365 migrations and consolidations?

For organizations that employ M&A regularly, integration is not an occasional event but forms part of business as usual. With Microsoft Office 365 becoming the standard in many organizations, consolidating tenants rapidly is now one of the critical success factors in integration, in the project timeline and in the success or failure of the goals of the acquisition. In these projects, whilst time is at a premium, consistent, high quality delivery is essential.

Without an effective methodology it is likely that one of these two variables is going to suffer. So, how do you develop a repeatable integration methodology with the goal of maximising both the speed and fidelity of the migration?

Join Quadrotech and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss keys to consistent and effective project scoping in order to hit project deadlines. The 90-minute roundtable discussion will also explore how to avoid unwelcome surprises post integration and how to select the right toolset and data to make informed decisions.

Discussion Topics

How do you make a process that's repeatable to scope the complex IT integrations of regular M&A projects?
How can you better plan to increase user experience and satisfaction?
Do you have the right technology so it's scalable for you, allowing you to 'right-size' your project?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Mike Weaver Director of Enterprise Migrations, Quadrotech
Mike Weaver is the Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech. Bringing a wealth of experience in… Find out more
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