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System integrators: responding to clients’ changing digital transformation strategies through disruption

3rd November 2020 | 7:00am BST
How can you help enable businesses in an uncertain world?

There’s no mistaking that recent events are fundamentally changing the way we work. The pandemic has opened us up to the vulnerabilities and flexibility required to support mass remote working and shown that resiliency – in your own business and in those you partner with, is non-negotiable. If there was ever a time to bolster your digitization strategy, underpinned by resilience and agility, it is now.

For system integrators (SIs), the challenge is two-fold: they also need to be able to support their clients to transform and innovate through disruption. It’s likely the majority of SIs will have seen growth through this period, in part due to the huge acceleration of cloud, with the worldwide public cloud services market alone forecast to grow 6.3% in 2020 (Gartner 2020).

SIs’ skills and services make them ideally placed to help enterprises reduce costs and become more agile. However, they are fast discovering that, as the demand for outsourced IT solutions increases and the industry expected to grow to over $409 billion USD by 2022 (Technavio 2019),  so too does the need for a scalable infrastructure from a knowledgeable partner with the expertise and value proposition to deliver true innovation.

Join Verizon and a group of system integrator industry leaders to discuss the latest trends in IT outsourcing, how SIs can help clients navigate the current climate and how building partnerships now can contribute to long-term networking strategies to support you through times of high demand.

Discussion Topics

How have your clients’ business transformation efforts been accelerated by the crisis?
How has the crisis challenged your own organization in how you deliver services to clients?
Has the situation led to a reprioritisation of the work and programmes you already engage in?

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