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Supply chain: moving from a risk management approach to resilient and agile

24th November 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm GMT
In a volatile environment, how do you identify supply chain risk and disruption to better mitigate and resolve?

As we move out of a highly reactive environment and attempt to restore normality to global supply chains, many companies are finding it difficult to respond in a volatile environment. Yet with continued uncertainty around suppliers, operations, output and customer demand likely to continue for some time yet, preparing for a new normal is essential.

The path ahead involves understanding new risks and building new strategies for survival and prosperity. End-to-end visibility is one aspect that will be needed in order to better anticipate disruption and respond in real-time. And these are no longer just ‘nice to have’ capabilities: they are essential capabilities that will determine success and failure in the years ahead. If your company is not embracing automation in this way, it will be left behind by competitors that are.

So how do you manage ongoing demand and supply volatility? What can you do to reduce the time required to respond to future disruptions? Do you need to revisit and formalise risk management processes and practices? What does this mean in terms of new supply sources, materials and routes to market? And what new skills and resources will your business need moving forward?

Discussion Topics

How are you responding to continued volatility in terms of output, supplier activity and customer behaviour/demand?
How are you supporting greater visibility into your supply chain operations with AI, ML and other emerging technologies?
How can resilience and agility be built in to the supply chain, affordably?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Alan Duncan Senior Director Manufacturing Strategy EMEA, Blue Yonder
Alan Duncan is Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy (EMEA) for Blue Yonder, the leading manufacturing supply… Find out more

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Blue Yonder is the world’s leading, end-to-end, digital supply chain platform provider, enabling companies to better predict, optimize and fulfill customer demand. Blue Yonder empowers companies to dynamically improve business planning and execution to drive more autonomous, profitable business outcomes… Find out more
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