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Strategies for foundational cloud security: Visibility, governance and compliance

27th September 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
How are you managing compliance and ensuring your data and users are protected as you move more and more to the cloud?

Every organization today is in pursuit of digital transformation – enabled by cloud computing. The ability to build and deploy applications with worldwide reach without any large upfront investment or datacenter management expertise has transformed enterprise IT and security.

However, the cloud is perpetually evolving, forcing teams to continually investigate, learn, and apply new architectures and technologies. In this environment of relentless change and persistent threat, security professionals struggle to keep their companies’ cloud networks secure. Protecting your enterprise requires not just more security, but new approaches to security

The rise of DevOps and self-owned infrastructure has led to dynamic, highly distributed environments – where organizations often have dozens to hundreds of different environments (or “projects”). The security paradigm for cloud must shift where DevOps and SecOps can collaborate, and the SOC isn’t overwhelmed with alerts that lack context.

Join Palo Alto Networks and a select group of your peers as we discuss cloud native foundational security with visibility, governance, and compliance top of mind.

Discussion Topics

Are you confident in your cloud security posture today?
How are you building and enforcing security guardrails for your Developers/DevOps without adding friction?
How are you incorporating security with an automated approach?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Marco Caronna Sales Engineering Director, Global and Major Accounts, Palo Alto Networks
Marco recently joined Prisma Cloud as the Solutions Architect Director for Global and Major accounts. He… Find out more
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