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Steering through the tsunami size shift to virtual care: accelerating your digital-first strategy

25th February 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
How are organizations equipping care teams with the right mobile clinical communication and collaboration systems?

There is a perfect storm driving up the use of virtual healthcare right now. COVID-19 is forcing fewer face-to-face visits and funding for virtual care devices through Medicaid was approved this year. There is now a proliferation of available devices with Bluetooth connectivity, embedded collaboration tools – and an overwhelming desire to automate functions and improve patient care outcomes.

Technology in healthcare is already overwhelming, but new telehealth uses cases bring crucial considerations for device selection, management, repair and support for providers and end users. So, how are organizations equipping care teams with the right mobile clinical communication and collaboration systems? How will businesses handle the growing complexity that technology can bring? How is the rise of value-based care in the wake of COVID-19 permanently changing the delivery of patient care?

Join Stratix and a select group of your industry peers to discuss your challenges and how you can deliver a better patient experience with mobile technology.

Discussion Topics

Are you adopting and implementing a ‘digital first’ business strategy? What barriers do you face in accelerating transformation?
What are your thoughts about devices in the hands of patients for remote monitoring? How will you manage this new infrastructure from design, to roll out and management?
Which top uses cases for 'virtual care' in your organization are you currently considering?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Tim Gillis Director of Healthcare Sales, Cloud & DaaS, Digital Health Platform, Medical Device Services, Stratix
Tim Gillis comes with 18 years of HIT background, joining Stratix after 7 Years at Samsung… Find out more
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