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Staying nimble during the post-holiday surge

27th October 2020 | 5:00pm BST
How are you planning to handle the influx of customer queries and chargebacks that will happen after the holiday season?

The holiday shopping season is underway and eCommerce is already expected to generate more orders this year than ever before. With an influx of new customers and higher volume overall, internal fraud teams will be inundated with online reviews into 2021.

Powerful machine learning algorithms can unburden these teams by recognizing legitimate customers from bad actors in real-time. This creates a frictionless customer experience, saves extra resource-related costs and limits false declines.

While most merchants are currently focused on conversions, do you have a plan for handling chargebacks after the gifts have been given? Relying on temp review teams to compensate for the added volume will be costly and unsustainable.

Join Riskified and a select group of your peers as we discuss strategies for handling increases in new customers, customer queries, and returns & exchanges during the post-holiday season.

Discussion Topics

How are you handling the influx of new customers and customer queries in an eCommerce world?
How are you identifying fraud in real-time?
How are you providing a seamless path to purchase for legitimate customers at every step of the journey?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Marcos Cogtla Growth Manager, Riskified
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