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Staying ahead of disruption by driving resiliency and transformation

16th February 2021 | 9:00am - 10:30am GMT
How can organizations drive transformation during disruptive times?

In a fast digitizing world, it’s vital that organizations drive resiliency to stay ahead of disruption and invest in transformation for long-term success. The impact of COVID-19 has also forced businesses to reconsider strategy, operations and technology platforms.

Where digital transformation (DX) was already a major priority before, COVID-19 has made DX critical – separating digitization leaders from laggards. So, how do you remain resilient and accelerate your journey? How can you adopt a new mode of operating? How do you prepare for a changed working environment in the future?

Join NetApp and several senior thought leaders to discuss how businesses of all sizes can drive IT readiness and DX for competitive advantage during these disruptive times.

Discussion Topics

Has the ongoing pandemic forced you to reconsider strategy, operations and technology platforms?
How are you remaining competitive and driving transformation in the current climate?
Are you preparing for a changed work environment going forward?

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Alexander Wallner Senior Vice President Worldwide Enterprise and Commercial Field Operations, NetApp
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