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Securing the enterprise: mitigating the risks of digital transformation

16th October 2020 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm ET
In the current climate - how are you preparing for a new digital landscape focusing on security?

The current climate is causing businesses to adjust to a ‘new normal.’ Enterprises are embracing a remote workforce, while their digital transformation initiatives continue to increase the attack surface. Unfortunately, this creates an attractive atmosphere for cyber criminals.

Hackers are capitalizing on this unprecedented time. In fact, the FBI’s ‘Internet Crime Complaint Center’ has reported receiving over 3,000 cybersecurity complaints a day – more than three times the normal average. That’s why enterprises need to focus more than ever on security and locking down the critical layer of privileged access across the organization.

As businesses create a much larger digital landscape and increase their exposure to threats – how do you remain secure? How do you manage privileged credentials and lock down privileged access?

Join CyberArk and a group of security leaders to discuss how to enable rapid risk reduction and build out an effective and mature privileged access management program.

Discussion Topics

How are you continuing to transform while maintaining a remote workforce?
How are you locking down the critical layer of privileged access across the enterprise?
What threats are you looking out for and are you prepared to recover post-breach?
Crisis may also present opportunities. Are you introducing new initiatives or accelerating current ones? Conversely, which initiatives are being deprioritized or paused?

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Nir Gertner Chief Security Strategist, CyberArk
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