HR - Virtual Roundtable

Road to recovery: duty of care for employees in the COVID-19 era

27th January 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
How are you providing an operational framework that ensures your employees are safe and engaged in the era of COVID-19?

COVID-19 continues to cause unprecedented challenges for organizations everywhere and will continue to change business operations for the foreseeable future. Ensuring the safety of today’s workforce requires enhanced situational awareness and the ability to locate all employees – no matter where they are – along with failsafe methods to communicate with them. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

Organizations must redefine duty of care and take steps to ensure safety for people who work alone and, when the time comes, how to return to work safely. As a leader, how are you keeping your employees safe and engaged? How are you reimagining the workplace of the future and ensuring teams can collaborate no matter where they work?

Join Everbridge and a select group of your peers as we discuss the future of work, understanding your risk landscape with hyper-local data and how to recover your operations with flexible workflows and centralized information.

Discussion Topics

How do you keep remote employees safe and engaged?
How do you manage your facilities and create an operational framework to recover?
What are the biggest challenges you’re facing, in relation to COVID-19?
How are you staying apprised of the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines, rules and, regulations?
What measures are you taking to ensure your people are safe, no matter where they are?
How are you currently managing data and technology risk, while your people are remote?
Are you seeking a contact tracing solution?
Do you have a return-to-office strategy/plan in place for when you return employees to the workplace? If so, what does that look like?
Thought Leader
Prashant Darisi VP, CEM Global Solutions, Everbridge
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Thought Leader
Cara Antonacci VP, Human Resources, Everbridge
Cara Antonacci is Vice President of Human Resources at Everbridge. In this role, Cara oversees all… Find out more
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