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Risk in a real time world: Unlocking the power of real time information for enhanced response, speed and business resiliency

2nd February 2021 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
How are you harnessing the power of public, real-time information to better anticipate systemic risks?

With increasing uncertainty in our global and business environments, enterprises are facing new and more complex risks than ever before. The global pandemic, alongside cascading crises such natural disasters, political and geopolitical unrest, and economic uncertainty are just a snapshot of some shocks that are reshaping the future of work.

Companies cannot therefore afford to be passive or improvise when it comes to their risk management strategy. Unlocking, harnessing, and investing in the power of real-time information empowers risk management leaders to manage, respond, and act for today and tomorrow.

Join Dataminr and a select group of your peers as we discuss how risk management professionals can harness the power of public, real-time information to better anticipate systemic risks, enhance organisational agility in workflows, and enable effective response to drive business resiliency.

Discussion Topics

To what extent does your security or risk management function have a process to effectively identify and classify risks?
How would you characterise the maturity of your firm’s current risk management efforts?
What do you believe are the biggest barriers to your organisation's ability to manage risk effectively?
How confident are you that your organisation has the technologies, processes, and data to accurately obtain an early view of unexpected events?
What is your organisation’s plan to invest in a potential integrated, real-time risk management solution that helps risk professionals do their jobs?

Your Hosts

Ben Thompson Editor & Presenter, Meet the Boss
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Thought Leader
Manish Patel Director of Corporate Risk, Dataminr
As the Director of Corporate Risk for Dataminr in EMEA, Manish Patel specialises in helping corporate… Find out more

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