Marketing - Virtual Roundtable

Rise to the future of digital marketing and selling

30th November 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
How well do your marketing and selling approaches identify, attract, and engage with prospective buyers digitally?

What critical dimensions do you need to adopt to power more effective prospective buyer engagement?

During the past decade, evolving environmental factors have driven fundamental changes in B2B buyer behavior that have now reached an inflection point. Buyers have become increasingly self-reliant and self-directed, with more than half getting purchase information from digital sources for their research, shortlisting, purchases, or trials. Buyers are in control and now expect a fundamentally different type of relationship with sellers – one based on help and support, not simply closing a deal.

These expectations raise significant challenges for marketers and sellers who must know their customers more intimately than ever before, deliver more human and helpful information ahead of contracting, and perform harmonious handoffs between marketing, sales, and post-sale support to ensure a seamless customer experience.

While a majority of B2B companies realize these shifts are underway, most efforts today are falling short. Marketeers and Sellers must identify and tackle the key capabilities needed to gain the attention of and interact with these more empowered buyers in a digital age – described as prospective buyer engagement.

Join True Influence and a select group of your peers as we discuss what prospective buyer engagement is, which digital strategies and capabilities are needed to drive it, and how you can position your company for success in a future of digital selling.

Discussion Topics

How aligned are your marketing and sales organizations around a common buyer engagement strategy?
What do B2B companies need to do differently to execute more effective go to market approaches?
What are the key capabilities that drive prospective buyer engagement?
COVID 19 has highlighted greater need to improve marketing and sales digital practices. How are your teams adapting and innovating in this new digital world?

Your Hosts

Guest Speaker
Laura Ramos Vice President, Principal Analyst , Forrester Research
Laura serves B2B marketing and sales professionals. She is a leading expert in B2B marketing with… Find out more
Chief Revenue Officer
Peter Larkin Chief Revenue Officer, True Influence
Peter is a thinker, visionary, and innovator when it comes to seamless customer experiences, revenue generation,… Find out more
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