Retail - Virtual Roundtable

Retailers: adapting quickly to the new normal

11th December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am CET
How to deliver outstanding customer experience through disruption

A Meet the Boss roundtable brought to you by Fluent Commerce

Changes in trading circumstances or consumer behaviour, especially sudden ones like a global pandemic, are often unpredictable and wreak havoc on so many aspects of day-to-day trading. From store closures to warehouse problems through to supply chain delays and delivery issues.

And, while it’s unrealistic for retailers to be equipped for every possible scenario, they can be better prepared to weather unforeseen challenges, from pivoting their fulfilment strategy from warehouse to in store or turning in-store Click & Collect on and off as required.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the time to bolster business continuity through disruption is now.

Join Thomas Hindré, omnichannel expert from Fluent Commerce, and a select group of your industry peers to discuss how to overcome these new challenges and how to come back stronger than ever, by delivering an outstanding customer experience that will meet the new consumer demands, while increasing your store profit.

Discussion Topics

In this global pandemic period, how do you manage your order fulfillment strategy?
How are you managing stock inventory accuracy with visibility across all locations?
How are your fulfillment strategies living up to the experience your consumer demands?

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Thomas Hindre Head of Sales South Europe & MEA , Fluent Commerce
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Fluent Commerce is a cloud software company focused on smart order management for omnichannel merchants. Fluent Order Management is cloud native, fully managed and code-free. It includes the essential components for unified commerce: Distributed order management, in-store tooling, inventory &… Find out more
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