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Preparing for Brexit with real-time information

3rd February 2021 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
How can AI technology help bridge knowledge and communications gaps in the midst of rapidly evolving events, such as Brexit and COVID-19?

In a world full of disruptions and unknown scenarios, government organizations need to react and respond to breaking news as soon as an event happens. Yet, they battle their own challenges such as information overload or not having the technology to sift through the noise within the realm of publicly available information.

As we look ahead to 2021, the spread of COVID-19, along with the UK’s preparation for Brexit, are just two of the major events government agencies will continue to focus on in the new year. Without the right data, including real-time information, these agencies can face communications challenges that can have devastating effects on the people and assets they protect. Now more than ever, government organizations must invest in AI technology to stay connected not only to each other while working remotely, but also across borders within the European Union. By investing in AI tools that bring publicly available information (PAI) to them in real time, organizations can learn about high-impact breaking news to enable faster response.

Join Dataminr and a select group of industry leaders to discuss how government agencies are using publicly available information to help with missions and how real-time breaking news alerts, driven by AI technology, can improve awareness and speed to action.

Discussion Topics

How are you using real-time information to detect breaking news and public safety threats?
How are you staying connected across teams and organizations post-Brexit?
What steps are you taking to Improve awareness by receiving real-time, breaking news alerts from across the public information landscape?
Jade Gamlin Master of Ceremonies, Meet the Boss
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Thought Leader
Alex Jaimes Chief Scientist & SVP of AI, Dataminr
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