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Powering through disruption: future-proofing business planning, operations and supply chain

17th September 2020 | 2:00pm BST
How retailers can meet changing customer expectations through digital transformation?

COVID-19 has exposed a lot of gaps in the supply chain and dramatic changes in customer behaviour. For retailers, survival depends on investment in the right technology to be responsive, automate processes and drive efficiency if they’re to keep up with the competition.

Emerging technologies have opened doors to new levels of insight, allowing accurate predictions of what you’re going to sell, better understanding demand signals and the ability to respond to inventory management and pricing.

That said, many businesses will be facing financial strain following the recent disruption, limiting their capacity to innovate across the complex web of processes involved in retail supply chain and planning. From back-end operations, purchasing and shipping to the customer proposition, inventory and pricing: they all add layers of complexity which makes prioritising digital transformation initiatives even more challenging.

So, how can you decide on the right technology now to help you meet customer needs both now and in the future? What steps are you taking to remove business siloes and achieve operational efficiency? And how can you deliver profitability back to the business through innovation?

Join Blue Yonder and a group of retail thought leaders to discuss how to transform your operations, respond to emerging customer needs through advanced technologies and maximise full value from your supply chain investments

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing in your planning and supply chain operations?
How are you responding to changing customer need through this time of disruption?
How are you leveraging AI or machine learning to improve operational efficiency and profitability?

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Wayne Snyder VP Retail Strategy EMEA, Blue Yonder
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