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Power up vegetation management to increase grid resiliency

13th January 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
How are you using data and analytics to improve vegetation management, increase your ability to respond to threats and manage disruption quickly?

The utility industry is moving toward a fundamental shift in its operations to build a solid foundation for a resilient, reliable and sustainable infrastructure. This evolution requires a core set of capabilities to maintain the utility social contract of providing uninterrupted power to connected customers. The speed at which this occurs depends on many factors, including vegetation growth and weather events.

New and maturing information technologies, such as AI and geospatial analytics, can help utilities revamp their vegetation practices and mitigate weather-related risks to reduce widespread and potentially longer-lasting power interruptions, as well as improve the odds of successful outcomes.

70% outages are caused by weather events and 2/3 of those by vegetation contact to power lines. We will discuss best practices to manage vegetation encroachment around power lines as well as how to use vegetation insights to predict power outages. Utilities can predict and respond to critical disruptions with AI and advanced analytics to timely identify high risk areas, optimize vegetation maintenance, prioritize efforts and allocate the right resources at scale and higher frequency.

Join IBM and a select group of your peers as we discuss employing AI and advanced analytics to reimagine processes and better predict how weather will impact your assets, employees and customers.

Discussion Topics

How are you digitally transforming your vegetation management system?
How are you integrating and analyzing data turning vegetation insights into actionable work?
How are you enriching cycle trims with AI and condition-based capabilities?
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