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Plan, secure and scale you applications in times of change

11th June 2020 | 11:00am BST
How to serve a remote workforce while deploying, scaling and securing applications?

Join F5 and a select group of IT thought leaders to discuss how to continue to best service your remote workforce in the current climate by deploying, scaling and securing applications wherever they may reside…

The disruption of COVID-19 has placed unprecedented pressure on businesses needing to keep employees connected and safe while delivering business continuity.

This ‘new normal’ has increased our reliance on technology, requiring further remote capabilities and secure access to complete sets of applications. As a result, businesses have migrated to public cloud or converted to Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) applications, while many continue to run in their traditional environments.

This sudden transition only adds to the existing multi-cloud complexity and inconsistent security measures across the IT enterprise.

So, how can you enable remote working for all apps with fine grain control? How can you scale on-prem, SaaS and cloud to support business need in the current climate? And how can you simplify your systems without sacrificing performance, security, compliance or control?

Discussion Topics

How has COVID-19 affected how your employees and customers now interact?
How are you taking advantage of all cloud and SaaS offerings in a fast, efficient and secure way?
How can you maintain security and compliance for new applications and services? Focus areas

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