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People-centric security

3rd July 2020 | 11:00am CET
How can you mitigate the risk that individuals pose? And how can you adopt a truly people-centred cybersecurity approach?

Cybercriminals have shifted their focus from infrastructure to people. Last year, less than 1 percent of attacks made use of system vulnerabilities (Proofpoint 2019) and instead targeted individuals, exploiting human instincts of curiosity and trust.

While a breach attempt can take on many forms: from email and web to cloud applications and social media, it is the impact of social engineering that can persuade victims to click malicious links, download unsafe files or disclose sensitive information. No matter how well you’re managing your IT infrastructure, you can’t patch your way out of these people-centred attacks.

IT and security leaders have been engrossed in their transformation projects, especially now that more users are working from home. Where enterprise data, information and workflows were always distributed, and where services and applications are being moved to the cloud, the new working landscape presents a whole new level of security risk, yet also a great opportunity to bolster protection.

Join Proofpoint and your cybersecurity peers to discuss how to safeguard your data, make your users more resilient to cyber attacks and reduce compliance risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

Discussion Topics

How is the cybersecurity threat landscape shifting?
How can you rationalise your defensive tactics to focus on people-centric attacks?
What would help secure a growing, remote workforce?

Your Host

Werner Thalmeier VP EMEA Systems Engineering and Technical Sales, Proofpoint
Werner Thalmeier has more than 20 years of professional experience in web and email security. He… Find out more
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