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Optimizing your public cloud capabilities to respond and thrive through disruption

23rd October 2020 | 10:00am BST
How Open Telekom Cloud is supporting European enterprises to deliver GDPR confirmed, secured Open Stack Cloud?

Business needs and expectations are changing as they respond and adapt to the current climate. They have become reliant on cloud to support continuity through recent disruption, which has helped them scale, expand and introduce new capabilities to cushion the effects of the crisis.

That said, challenges still remain in sourcing cloud services that offer the level of flexibility required to support shifting requirements, while providing the dependability and openness to integrate with existing infrastructure.  There’s also the matter of security and data protection, which is particularly taxing for European enterprises who must comply with GDPR and European legislation.

So, how can you harness the power of public cloud that’s suitable for a multi-cloud era? How can your cloud infrastructure provide needs-oriented access to high performance computing? How can it integrate and enhance existing services and introduce new AI capabilities? And how can you avoid vendor lock-in and optimize the cost of your cloud solution?

Join T-Systems and a select group of IT experts to discuss how public, open stack cloud is revolutionising the way organizations deploy and access infrastructure resources.

Discussion Topics

How are you using public cloud and what challenges are you facing within scalability and the ability to integrate with other systems?
What benefits would you gain, or are already, from an open stack platform and ecosystem?
How are you remaining compliant within European data security legislation when it comes to your cloud usage?

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