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Optimizing the customer journey: maximizing the shift to eCommerce

8th October 2020 | 12:00pm EST
How can you optimize the online customer journey and win back revenue?

Ecommerce sales are surging causing massive changes and challenges for companies trying to keep up with customer demand. Enterprises need to be able to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour while providing a seamless experience on their website. However, implementing new strategies to meet customer needs and eliminating disruptions are not easy tasks.

According to Namogoo, 20% of customers are not experiencing the journey e-commerce companies invest in. Instead, they are disrupted by unauthorized ads appearing on the site promoting competitors. ‘Customer Journey Hijacking’ can drain a ton of revenue for online brands and was a major issue for retailers, TUMI and ASICS. Because these ads are injected directly into the customer’s browser or device, other enterprise solutions can’t detect or stop it. That’s why several enterprises are turning to SaaS solutions that can block the unauthorized ad injections in real time. So, how can you eliminate disruptions and provide a better online customer experience? What digital tools are helping companies in the accelerated shift to eCommerce?

Join Namogoo and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore current challenges, changes in consumer buying behaviour, preparing for the 2020 holiday season as well as how eCommerce strategies have shifted and evolved.

Discussion Topics

Ecommerce strategies to set you up for success moving forward.
How to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour and demand on your website.
Eliminate disruptions and provide a better online customer experience.

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Since 2014, Namogoo has been leading the mission to eliminate Customer Journey Hijacking and win back stolen revenue for the world's leading online enterprises. Namogoo's deep learning platform ensures disruption-free customer journeys, enabling brands to instantly and consistently enhance eCommerce… Find out more
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