Supply Chain - Virtual Roundtable

Optimize capacity planning to deal with supply chain volatility and disruption

15th December 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm CET
How to enhance your customer offerings to drive additional revenue with the power of location?

In 2020, we have witnessed some of the most extreme disruptions to global supply chain and transportation in the last 40 to 50 years. To name a few: the pandemic, a heat wave, hurricanes, the boom of e-commerce and rapidly changing customer expectations, all which make capacity planning for third-party logistics (3PLs) more challenging than ever.

Even without these disruptions, capacity planning has always been a challenge for 3PLs, however the current climate presents immense opportunity for the digitization of the supply chain.

  • Real-time visibility and ETAs are now a must-have service. They are a competition differentiator in winning over business from shippers.
  • Optimized capacity planning can become a reality when real-time conditions and risk management are accounted for in both the planning and execution stage.
  • Meeting sustainability standards is achievable with flexible and scalable route planning, meaning no additional tours or deliveries need to take place.

Join HERE technologies and a select group of industry peers to discuss how to expand your customer offerings, how to improve your capacity planning strategy and how to ensure shipments arrive intact and on schedule, no matter what the disruption.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing in your supply chain, particularly around capacity planning?
How are you utilizing location technology, or would like to? How do you see it improving your planning and routing decisions?
How would you describe the visibility of your fleet? Are you able to view their ETAs in real time?
Thought Leader
Erminio Di Paola Head of Transport and Logistics Applications, HERE Technologies
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