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No going back? On boarding and off boarding remote workers in the gig economy

14th January 2021 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm GMT
The urgency created by recent events acted as a catalyst to faster executive decision-making and action

HR and IT leaders have worked together more closely than ever before to mobilise millions of people to work differently, cutting through bureaucracy out of sheer necessity.

Now, having challenged the status quo, there’s no going back. 

The role of the workplace is changing, with hybrid working emerging as the strategy of choice for organisations where remote working is viable in the longer term. The general consensus indicates that most are considering a split of as high as 50/50 or 60/40 workplace/remote working.

Remote and hybrid working practices are also paving the way for an increase in the gig economy. No longer bound by physical locations, organisations have the opportunity to expand and diversify talent pools, including how they bring in specialists to deliver on specific projects and outcomes.

As we look at more frequent on boarding and off boarding of employees and contractors, often working remotely, HR and IT leaders will need to continue collaborating closely to support simple, easy employee experiences across the full lifecycle.

Discussion Topics

What are the benefits and challenges of moving to hybrid and gig economy model?
When on-boarding and off-boarding employees rapidly and often remotely, how can we create a positive employee experience where employees feel connected to the organisation despite not being physically present?
How can we ‘switch on’ and ‘switch off’ in an agile way with people frequently joining and leaving?
How do we manage company owned devices in this setting – delivering the equipment ready for day one, but also ensuring that equipment is returned as part of the off-boarding process?
How can we make sure that our processes and tools are easy to adopt when we don’t have the ramp up time as the gig economy becomes a reality?

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