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Modernizing your on-premises data infrastructure by leveraging the public cloud

29th May 2020 | 11:00am ET
How can you take advantage of the public cloud?

Join a select group of senior thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today…

The big data ecosystem is exploding. We now have more data, more frameworks and more storage options. Companies are moving away from self-maintained on-premises data warehouses and moving more workloads and data to the cloud. However, moving applications to the public cloud or to another data center can require more time, money and resources.

There are also several rising trends driving the need for a new architecture. They include, separation of compute and storage, hybrid multi-cloud environments and self-service data across the enterprise. Separation of compute and storage creates new obstacles in how data is managed across frameworks, clouds and storage systems. So, how do you navigate these challenges? How can you modernize your on-premises data infrastructure? How do you leverage hybrid cloud?

Join Alluxio and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss big data architectures, separation of compute and storage, and taking advantage of the cloud.

Discussion Topics

Do you have a lot of data in private data centers that’s leading to overloaded/overutilized systems?
Are you able to take advantage of the public cloud for remote data?
What challenges are you facing with leveraging the public cloud?

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Haoyuan Li CEO and Founder, Alluxio
Haoyuan (H.Y.) Li is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Alluxio. He holds a PhD in… Find out more
Kristina Cartwright Editor & Presenter, Meet the Boss
Kristina Cartwright is an editor and presenter for GDS Group & Meet the Boss. In this… Find out more

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Proven at global web scale in production for modern data services, Alluxio is the developer of open source data orchestration software for the cloud. Alluxio moves data closer to AI and machine learning compute frameworks in any cloud across clusters,… Find out more
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