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Modernize your data infrastructure while protecting your investments

11th December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am ET
How can you modernize your data infrastructure while protecting your investments with Netezza Performance Server?

Data is rapidly becoming the foundation of business. As enterprises continue to innovate, they are also running into more obstacles when it comes to gathering and gaining valuable insights from their data. From unifying a vast data sprawl to being able to gather insights and respond quickly to market fluctuations, the road to simplifying complex analytics and seamlessly integrating data across clouds is not easy for traditional businesses with inherited silos.

Yet, there has never been a more pressing time to modernize the data infrastructure on multi-cloud. Those using IBM Netezza appliances to manage their legacy analytics and data warehousing may find themselves limited by the deployment options available as their cloud environments expand. So, how can you scale advanced analytics with a modern cloud data warehouse? How can you manage your data with the flexibility to suit your business requirements? And how can you get the most out of your data and customer insights while simplifying the management of your IT assets and analytics?

Join Persistent Systems and a select group of IT thought leaders to discuss how the world is rethinking its data infrastructure in the modern environment.

Discussion Topics

What are some of your biggest challenges in getting value out of your data?
How would you describe your journey to modernizing your data infrastructure on multi-cloud?
Are data silos preventing access across the enterprise?
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