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Modernize and simplify data protection in a complex IT environment

16th October 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
How can data-driven risk management be a competition differentiator?

Protecting a complex modern IT environment has become increasingly difficult. We have more data, we’re innovating faster and the need for comprehensive security and management is growing in line with our digital transformation initiatives.

Traditional backup and appliances don’t support modern cloud technology and don’t have the required flexibility in how they’re deployed. That said, while more modern backup services are easier to administer, they often lack the ability to protect legacy enterprise IT.

It’s becoming more imperative to consider data protection as a core system in its own right, one that can help you gain or maintain a competitive advantage. But, considering the right solutions and when to develop them can be a challenging task.

So, how can you ensure you have best-in-class data protection that will enable you to remain agile, efficient and do more with your data? How can you ensure your backup strategy adequately supports your critical applications and hyperconverged production systems? And how can AI-powered backup help you meet your ever-tighter service-level agreements for recovery in even the most complex of hybrid clouds?

Join NetApp, Sirius and a group of I.T. experts to discuss how to simplify your data protection in your modern environment, recover complex enterprise applications at the push of a button and get first-class security in your cloud environment.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing in protecting your modern I.T. environment?
How are you prioritizing data management & protection as your cloud environment grows?
How are you using data analytics to support your risk management strategy?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Patrick Conway Partner Alliance Manager, Sirius
With over 30 years in the IT industry, Patrick has expertise in storage & data protection… Find out more
Thought Leader
Keith Norbie Director Strategic Alliances , NetApp
At NetApp Keith leads the Strategic Alliances team driving GTM with partners like NVIDIA for AI,… Find out more
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