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Modern digital architecture for intelligent financial institutions

25th August 2020 | 10:00am EST
How are you leading the transformation to be faster, smarter and more connected for your always-on customer, while reducing costs and increasing agility?

Faster, smarter, more connected, always-on, boundaryless. This is the experience now expected from financial institutions.

What was once considered exceptional is now what consumers are demanding – touchless banking, instant payments and mobile control of all aspects of their finances. Speed and performance are essential while reducing costs and increasing agility remains critical.

So, how can your organization deliver the digital transformation needed to not only just meet, but exceed customer expectations?

Join Hazelcast and Intel as well as a select group of your industry peers as we discuss an integrated architecture of hardware and software, optimized for Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, and Edge to take your organization to the next level of digital banking.

Discussion Topics

How are you meeting the increased demand to modernize your banking applications?
How are you meeting the need for speed and performance of your digital banking systems while reducing costs and increasing agility?
Where are you on your transformation journey to deliver visibility in payments, trading, fraud and risk?

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Parviz Peiravi Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services Industry Solutions, Intel
Parviz Peiravi is a Global CTO for Financial Services Industry Solutions with Intel Corporation responsible for… Find out more
Thought Leader
John DesJardins Field CTO and VP Solution Architecture, Hazelcast
John DesJardins is currently Field CTO and VP Solution Architecture at Hazelcast, where he champions the… Find out more
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