Technology - webinar Roundtable

Market-driven product development

17th December 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST | 1 hour
How can you make faster and better decisions by connecting your product sales and marketing teams?

Today’s ever evolving digital age has profoundly changed the way products are developed. The art and science of creating innovative products for a more sustainable world relies more on one’s ability to connect people, ideas, data, and information. Gaining visibility over the entire innovation process is key.

Consumers today want product experiences that are meaningful, otherwise they may turn to the competition. Staying at the forefront of industry specific trends, news about clients, suppliers, partners, or competitors can be overwhelming. Sales teams need to stay informed to gain a competitive sales advantage. How can you innovate and create products that will drive better experiences for consumers? How can you make insight-driven decisions by using trends, market listening, and competitive intelligence?

Join the Dassault Systèmes Webinar focused on product development and the digital value chain. You will also hear from industry experts discussing trends and emerging technologies that are putting them ahead of the competition.

Discussion Topics

Are products developed taking market insights into account
What challenges are your facing in terms of connecting product sales and marketing teams?
How are you gathering and analysing online information to drive your company's product development and go-to-market operations?

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