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Making sense of your data: a clear path to the cloud to navigate the unforeseen future

29th June 2020 | 10:00am BST
How can data support businesses in finding the ‘right way’ to return to work?

Join Domo and a group of industry experts to discuss how to navigate the current climate, manage a hybrid workforce and move fast in unexpected circumstances.

Businesses are dealing with an abundance of data. To make matters worse, the ongoing global pandemic has created new challenges, forcing companies to work remote and accelerate digital transformation projects to keep up with change.

The unforeseen future is why many companies are quickly turning to the cloud for smart data discovery. This can enable organisations to connect data from thousands of resources, transform it into real-time insights and extend BI into workflows and applications that empower your business. But how can you easily access disparate data through complex technology infrastructures? How can you connect and manipulate data faster? Can data support businesses return to work?

Discussion Topics

How can data support businesses in finding the ‘right way’ to return to work?
How are you enabling a hybrid, physical-remote, workforce?
Has COVID-19 sped up your BI/Self-Service strategy?
How do you give your employees confidence as an employer to return to work safely?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Brett Gibson Strategy & Value Consulting Manager, Domo
Brett Gibson leads consultancy engagements for data strategy, business case development and value realisation across Europe… Find out more
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