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Making information modernization a reality

23rd March 2021 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
How are you achieving content modernization while meeting the challenges of information governance?

It is the era of innovation and technological optimism yet surprisingly few enterprises have completely “modernized” their content services infrastructure. While many firms have taken on transformation projects and cloud migrations, they struggle with ever changing obstacles including what to do with legacy systems, how to address privacy regulations, and reigning in continuous information sprawl.

Innovative technologies help firms achieve modernization objectives by enabling firms to embrace modern approaches while leveraging existing ecosystems. Firms now have more choices allowing them to modernize and improve their resilience to constant change. Technical barriers have been eliminated to federating access to legacy systems while migrating essential content to modern systems; extending information governance and privacy compliance to collaboration tools; deploying on-premises or in the cloud; and automating content-rich processes. With so many options, how do you prioritize?

Join ASG Technologies and a select group of your peers as we discover how to identify, prioritize, and address the barriers slowing organizations down on their acclimation to the future.

Discussion Topics

How are you reducing content sprawl, and making information easily accessible across your business?
How are you increasing productivity and flexibility while mitigating security and privacy risks associated to how employees use information in real-time?
How are you improving operational performance by automating content-rich processes?
How are you streamlining policy management of information used across the organization?
What steps are you taking to reduce the total cost of ownership and deploy systems in the cloud or hybrid environments?
How are you balancing, consolidating, and migrating legacy systems while keeping business units productive?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Kyle McNabb SVP - Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
As SVP of Product Marketing, Kyle leads ASG's efforts to continuously align its product messaging and… Find out more
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