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License lifecycle management: revaluate your needs for Office 365 renewal time

1st September 2020 | 10:00am BST
How do you know with accuracy how much you are spending on Office 365 licensing? And how can you be certain that the money is being well-spent on the right things?

Large organizations investing in Microsoft Office 365 licensing are faced with some important buying decisions.  These decisions will directly influence whether those investments will increase user productivity or result in unused licenses and wasted expenditure.

According to enterprise customer data analysed by Quadrotech, around 18% of O365 licenses are completely unused resulting in lost funds.  So, how can you stop over purchasing? How can you identify gaps and create adoption campaigns to ensure your workforce is using the workloads you’re paying for, boosting productivity?

Join Quadrotech and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore two major opportunities for an organization – for procurement to buy only what they need and for IT to ensure that their end-users adopt all that they buy.

Discussion Topics

How to prepare for Microsoft license renewal to ensure the best terms.
Developing an effective and repeatable license lifecycle management process.
How to develop an effective cloud-based licensing strategy.

Your Host

Thought Leader
Paul Robichaux CTO and Microsoft MVP, Quadrotech
Paul Robichaux, an Office Servers and Services MVP since 2002, is CTO at Quadrotech, where he… Find out more
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