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Leveraging IOT to develop business continuity and prepare for the future 

26th August 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
The current crisis has disrupted manufacturing companies and their customers on multiple levels, causing massive disruptions to both supply and demand.

While some companies are operating well below capacity others are maximizing production to meet sudden surges in demand.

Leaders of manufacturing companies are rapidly responding to short-term challenges and long-term strategic objectives.  Immediate changes are needed in production, customer support and service, without losing focus on workers safety.  However, these changes must be made while preparing for the future and building resilience into business operations and enhancing productivity.

How do you maintain focus on digital transformation initiatives that enhance performance, asset efficiency and worker productivity and prepare for a post crisis world?


Join us for an executive roundtable to discuss how business leaders can leverage technology to make their businesses to be more agile and resilient as they recover and move forward.

Discussion Topics

How can you reduce operational costs?
What needs to be done to increase manufacturing productivity?
How are you improving asset efficiency?
How are you leveraging technology to drive productivity and efficiency?
How can your business pivot now and be more prepared in the future?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Justin Hester Digital Transformation Sr. Director, PTC
Justin Hester, PTC’s Digital Transformation Sr. Director, leads a team specializing in advising companies’ executives, helping… Find out more
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