Marketing - Virtual Roundtable

Leading through marketing: digital transformation in the legal sector

27th October 2020 | 10:00am BST
Can marketing take a leadership role in navigating through the current crisis?

The COVID19 crisis has transformed the way businesses interact with their clients and has forced them to reimagine what their future client relationships might look like. And that, in turn, has meant the role of marketing has never been more critical to both short-term business survival and long-term growth.

That is especially true in law firms, where marketing is increasingly helping best-in-class firms navigate through the current uncertainty – whether its building trust through effective and empathetic communications; providing a truly 360-degree view of clients that joins the dots between marketing, sales and service; or delivering hyper-personalised experiences that enable you to stand out in a playing field rapidly being levelled by the adoption of new ways of working.

The client experience is the new battleground for law firms. So how do you build trust in an increasingly digital world? How are you differentiating through your marketing efforts? How do you deliver personalised services virtually? And how do you cut through the siloes and legacy ways of working to deliver in whatever the new normal looks like? Join this Meet the Boss roundtable, in partnership with Salesforce, to find out.

Discussion Topics

How has your organisation responded to the disruption we’ve seen over the past six months? What has been the biggest impact from a marketing perspective?
To what extent is the shift to digital levelling the playing field in the legal sector? How do you differentiate through your marketing efforts?
How do you build and maintain trust in an uncertain environment?

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Jo Pettifer - Salesforce VP Marketing UK and Ireland, Salesforce
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