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Laying the groundwork for transformation by driving modern IT operations

3rd December 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
How are you developing the right strategy to modernize IT operations to make your business nimble and responsive?

Innovative companies are embracing technology to empower the business. For established organizations with legacy IT applications, data, and environments, this requires intentional planning to modernize the IT environment. How can you develop the right roadmap to change? The answer is strategy.

An effective strategy can clarify both the ideal end state and the approach for execution and alignment. It will set expectations and quantify targeted business outcomes. In this way, progress is measurable and results are nearly guaranteed.

From IT environment design, alignment and optimization to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, to platform modernization, network and security, together we’ll discover capabilities for end-to-end transformation.

Join Insight and a select group of your peers as we discuss transformation for dexterity, speed and security critical for modern IT operations and businesses today.

Discussion Topics

How are you shifting to modern and hybrid platforms that make your business nimble and responsive?
How are you bridging the gap between internal groups to ensure IT Ops can deliver what developers need?
How are you adopting automation, tool sets and approaches to promote operational efficiencies?
How is IT operating in a hybrid cloud environment?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Juan Orlandini Chief Architect, Insight
Juan Orlandini is the Chief Architect for the cloud & data center division of Insight. He… Find out more
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