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Isolated workspace as-a-service can solve for employee productivity issues caused by IT security restrictions.

28th October 2020 | 10:00am BST
How are you enabling secure access for remote workers on both corporate and non-corporate devices while still ensuring productivity?

Become a work-from-home productivity hero with Isolated Workspace-as-a-service

Unlocking employee productivity in a remote work environment without compromising security presents many challenges. Managed endpoints are often very restricted. As a result, employees are becoming increasingly frustrated with these lock-down endpoints especially as more of the workforce is working remotely.

Ensuring business continuity requires a fresh approach where you don’t have to choose between productivity and security. A remote work environment that is safe and secure whether your employees are opening email attachments, downloading files, installing 3rd party applications, or even plugging in USB and other external endpoints on the device of their choice. So how do you get there?

Join Hysolate and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss unlocking productivity from every employee, without being concerned about security risks.

Discussion Topics

Do you currently restrict employees from browsing certain websites (e.g. access personal email) on their corporate devices?
What are the top 3-5 applications that your employees want to install on their corporate devices and are prohibited from doing so?
Do you have certain employees (e.g. developers) that require administrative rights on their corporate devices but you are reluctant to provide this due to security concerns?
Has Covid-19 and so many employees working remotely caused you to rethink your endpoint security and corporate access policies?
How do employees or contractors access your corporate network or applications remotely from a non-corporate device?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Marc Gaffan CEO, Hysolate
Marc is a successful CEO, Entrepreneur and Cyber security veteran. Prior to joining Hysolate, Marc was… Find out more
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