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Intrinsic security: simplify and strengthen your security strategy

5th November 2020 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm BST
How can you unify your security and IT teams and accelerate how they identify, prevent and respond to threats?

Join VMware and a select group of senior thought leaders to explore how you can leverage your infrastructure to secure your business.

Security is one of the hottest topics at the boardroom table right now, and rightfully so.  According to VMware’s Global Threat Report Series, 90% of security professionals surveyed globally said the volume of attacks they have faced, increased. The current climate provides an attractive space for hackers who are employing a more diverse range of attacks to disrupt and extort enterprises.

A different approach to securing your business is now crucial. That’s why several businesses are protecting their apps and data with intrinsic security. By building in this strategy, you can look to leverage your infrastructure and control points in new ways so you can shift from a reactive security posture to a position of strength. Intrinsic security also helps to seamlessly secure data centers, clouds and endpoints so users have flexibility and can remain agile.

How can you unify your security and IT teams? How can you accelerate how your teams identify, prevent and respond to threats with the right context and insights?


Discussion Topics

How do we shift the advantage from attackers to defenders to protect the business?
How can you deliver both an endpoint and a workload security solution in a unified way as well as including next generation AV, detection and response, audit and remediation?
How do security teams manage data encryption, data control, and hybrid models effectively?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Scott Lundgren Chief Technology Officer, VMware Carbon Black
Scott Lundgren is VMware Carbon Black's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a member of the VMware… Find out more
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