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Intelligent automation as an enabler

14th October 2020 | 1:00pm ET
How can you leverage the power of automation to deliver actionable information across the enterprise?

The financial services industry is experiencing a time of unprecedented disruption. From the rapid transformation of technology, the exponential growth of data, not forgetting a global pandemic, you’d be forgiven for not seeing a clear pathway to innovation and growth.

It’s become clear that our businesses must be built on a foundation of data and, for those insights to adequately drive productivity, customer service, and time to market, we must prioritize automation.

That said, optimizing our investments can seem like a minefield, especially when it comes to determining actionable customer data and staying within the boundaries of compliance and governance.

So, how can you optimize your spending and make informed decisions on your digital transformation strategies while measuring financial impact? How can you build a scalable, performant, and cost-effective infrastructure that supports innovation? And how can you leverage the power of automation to deliver actionable information across the enterprise?

Join Hitachi Vantara and a group of IT thought leaders to discuss how to spend more efficiently and accelerate business processes within the financial services industry.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you experiencing in remaining agile within your IT initiatives?
What steps are you taking to accelerate the modernization of your IT capabilities, infrastructure, and cloud migration strategies?
In what areas have you invested in automation, or would like to, and how do you see it benefitting your business?

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