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Innovation at the edge for an enterprise

26th February 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm EST
How to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation while reducing software complexity, risk and inefficiency?

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The way enterprises are building software is changing. Businesses are moving away from the old models of working with enormous systems, development shops and consulting companies due to the cost and time commitments involved. Not to mention the duplication and bad quality applications they’re left to manage.

CIOs have always realised the focus should be on creating value for the enterprise and are now leading the path to technology adoption and digital transformation – in a way that allows internal teams to evolve faster.

By 2024, less than 35% of enterprise tech will be built internally. And for those that are built internally, almost half are outside the boundaries of corporate IT (Gartner 2020). The trend is moving towards business customizing or building their own technology solutions to support their work and bring efficiencies that have a quantifiable impact on production and the bottom line.

The solution: innovation at the edge for an enterprise.

Join and a select group of industry peers to discuss the changing ways enterprises are building software to reduce complexity, risk and inefficiency, how business leaders can build the software they need without the technology know-how and create software in a seamless, transparent manner.

Discussion Topics

What challenges is your current technology stack causing the business? How are you navigating any outdated technology or underperforming SaaS solutions?
How are you determining where technology adoption can drive value for the business and IT? Could you envisage this being led by line of business managers rather than the IT department?
How are you empowering business managers to become more agile and efficient in the new normal?

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Sachin Dev Duggal Founder and CEO,
A serial entrepreneur whose award-winning human-assisted AI platform,, raised $29.6m in 2018 to help make… Find out more
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