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Improving the quality of employee mental health in 2021 and beyond

18th February 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm ET
How are you ensuring your teams have access to quality care and support?

The case for improved mental health support in the workplace has been exemplified over recent months, with 86 percent of Chief Human Resources Officers saying mental health has become a higher priority for their company this past year.

It’s becoming clear they need to go further than offering a ‘band-aid’ solution and instead prioritize longer-term plans for their mental health strategies and align them with business values.

We know benefit leaders are looking to expand their mental health offerings, yet various obstacles, such as a fragmented user experience, too many providers and the quality of care, can mean their employees slip through the cracks.

So, how can you offer mental health services to support employees through the challenges 2021 will present? How can you improve their experience and engagement with support platforms while reducing the waiting times to access care? And how can you get the data and visibility to show a clear ROI and how you’re helping employees get better?

Join Lyra Health and a select group of industry experts to discuss how to improve the quality of mental health support for your employees in 2021, connect them to quality providers and enable them to thrive in and outside the workplace.

Discussion Topics

What are the main challenges you’re experiencing in offering employees improved mental health support?
Do you feel your employees to have a positive experience navigating, accessing and engaging in care for their mental health? How are you enabling a positive employee experience?
How you currently getting visibility into how your benefits are helping employees? And how are measuring ROI?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Susan Wyatt Head of Customer Success, Lyra Health
Susan Wyatt, MPH, is a recognized leader with a passion for public health and creating systems… Find out more
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