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Identity security: managing the evolving complexity around digital identities

17th February 2021 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
How are you securely managing increased complexity and risk around identity in a world of accelerated change?

It’s well recognized that the theft of credentials and privilege escalation are key stages in most successful cyber attacks. Today’s threat environment is prompting many enterprises to address the gaps in their security program to better protect those identities most at risk. It requires a strong combination of technical and soft skills, a methodical project plan, appropriate tools and persistence.

Any efforts that impact business and IT operations will be met with some resistance, however the belief that making changes to stronger authentication and privileged access controls will make tasks more difficult is usually more a matter of perception than reality. So how do you secure identities that won’t encumber business processes for better outcomes?

Join CyberArk and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss a successful controls strategy that increases efficiency while streamlining workflows and the digital transformation to get you there.

Discussion Topics

How are you securely managing complexity and risk around identity?
How are you providing technology to your teams that support business resilience and continuity?
How are you leading digital transformation and taking on the challenges that come with it?

Your Host

Thought Leader
David Higgins EMEA Technical Director, CyberArk
David Higgins is EMEA Technical Director at CyberArk. Since joining CyberArk in 2010, David has worked… Find out more
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