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Humans, robots, on-prem and cloud – centralizing privileged access management without breaking stuff

22nd September 2020 | 12:00pm EST
How are you building out an effective and mature privileged access management program and consistently augmenting native controls across Cloud, Hybrid and on-prem environments?

Scaling IT infrastructure to support the surge in remote workers is proving to be challenging. From changing workforce dynamics and shifting business objectives to the technologies disrupting your industry. It requires a practice that reduces risk yet still delivers business value while adopting best of breed Cloud technologies and managing existing on-prem investments.

Locking down the critical layer of privileged access management (PAM) across the enterprise requires specialized PAM tools and a mature PAM practice that focuses on people and processes. How are you enforcing least privilege principles and locking down domain controllers to defend against internal and advanced persistent threats?

Join CyberArk and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss how to secure and protect privileged accounts and credentials – everywhere.


Discussion Topics

How are you locking down the critical layer of privileged access across the enterprise? Are you taking a standardized approach to secrets management (Cloud, DevOps, Containerization, etc.)?
What threats are you looking out for and are you prepared to recover post-breach?
Crisis may also present opportunities. Are you introducing new initiatives or accelerating current ones? Conversely, which initiatives are being deprioritized or paused?

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Thought Leader
Brandon Traffanstedt Global Director of Systems Engineering, CyberArk
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