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How you can untangle the cloud to help ship applications faster

3rd November 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm CET
How you can untangle the cloud to help ship applications faster?

Enterprises recognize that the cloud is the way forward when it comes to innovating faster and keeping up with ever-changing customer needs.

To ensure such applications are portable, scalable, simple to manage, and, of course, secure, many are opting for Kubernetes to manage containerized workloads. However, they can run into a multitude of challenges on this journey, including:

  • Maximizing your application performance and meeting your availability SLAs
  • Remaining compliant and managing your security risk

Its clear businesses are struggling to prioritize and implement elements of their digital transformation strategy. From siloed teams operating with their own tools and data sources to current tooling which cannot adapt to cloud-based applications and of course those that need further expertise in running cloud-native production – there are many obstacles on the journey to cloud-based applications.

So, how can you embrace the pace of DevOps and ship containerized applications while getting full visibility and security? How can you achieve digital transformation goals with in‐house expertise, while significantly reducing consultancy costs? And how can you deliver apps anywhere and look towards automated operations and streamlined workflows?

Join Red Hat, Sysdig and a group of IT thought leaders to discuss how to ship applications faster and accelerate cloud-native adoption in your organization.


Discussion Topics

What are some things you can do to support moving your team away from reactive to proactive tasks?
How does an underdeveloped delivery (CI/CD) pipeline affect your team's ability to deliver and what can you do to support its accelerated maturity?
How can you improve your team efficiency when it comes to releasing new features and applications?

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Franz Meyer VP Strategic Business Development & Marketing, Red Hat
Franz Meyer joined Red Hat in 2001 and is based in the Paris office. For the… Find out more

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