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How to go beyond CRM for best in class of digital customer service

27th August 2020 | 2:00pm HK
How are you leveraging new technologies to offer a proactive service?

Organizations have long grappled with the changing needs of their customers, always having to be one step ahead when it comes to delivering a superior digital customer experience.


Now, in world where one individual will access a brand using multiple channels and devices, it’s becoming more difficult to organizations to know their customer, respond in real-time and offer a proactive service. Couple in privacy legislation and GDPR, and the obstacles to an end-to-end customer journey are boundless.

So, how can we reduce friction during the customer engagement process? How can we tackle customer fatigue by preventing irrelevant communications reaching them? And how can we make it easier for customers to interact with us while improving brand perception and loyalty?

Join ServiceNow and a group of industry thought leaders to discuss how proactive service can play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer interactions. Also learn how the future of customer service lies beyond CRM systems and think about how AI and machine learning can help you deliver world class digital service.


Discussion Topics

What are the main challenges you’re facing in delivering an end-to-end customer service?
What is your current approach to omni-channel strategy? Where is it working and where are the drawbacks?
What areas of digital innovation are you currently prioritising, or would like to, when it comes to improving customer experience?

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