Leadership - webinar Roundtable

How to deliver a sustainable business

15th July 2020 | 2:00pm BST | 1 hour
What does it take to deliver a sustainable business?

Uncertainty is the greatest challenge facing prosperity and productivity across Europe today.
The strongest adapt and evolve. What does it take to deliver a sustainable business in the current climate?
Faced with unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, corporate leaders are rethinking their strategies and undertaking a shift in ways of doing business – as they strive to adapt and achieve longevity in a rapidly changing world.

Customers, employees and investors now recognise more than ever that sustainability is neither optional nor just a business cost. It is becoming a source of resilience and can give a significant competitive advantage. But which qualities will characterise enduring and resilient companies and enable them to survive and thrive? How will business models evolve to ensure leadership in business sustainability? How can virtualisation help?

Join Dassault Systèmes and a select group of global decision-makers to discuss the meaning of business sustainability in today’s crisis-stricken world. The session will also give executives the opportunity to elaborate on their own experiences and aims, around sustainable business models, products, and people.

Discussion Topics

What is the meaning of business sustainability in today's climate?
How do you deliver the next generation of products and services, improve speed to market, and enable resilient supply chains?
How do you capture the knowledge of the current workforce and prepare business to shift work patterns & develop new skills linked to sustainability and resilience?

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