Marketing - Virtual Roundtable

How technology and innovation are impacting the workplace

13th November 2020 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
How can you bring physical and digital data together when working remote is the ‘new normal?’

As companies recover from the recent disruption, they will first and foremost need a robust and comprehensive operational resilience plan. This plan should include business continuity and emergency response as well as the ability to act more quickly as new challenges arise. So how do you fill gaps in your policies as you transform to a more automated, digital way of working?

With more work being done remotely, you may have experienced disruptions in business processes as a result of lack of access to paper records or employees no longer sitting side-by-side. By automating your workflows, you can establish a systematized flow of data and records, routing them through the proper employees and applications.

But with security top of mind, how can you securely access and scan physical documents while keeping processes and workflows moving? This was a challenge for remote employees of a transportation company. However, with the help of a global leader in storage and information management services, they were able to design a “contact-free” pick-up service. This now allows the transportation company to scan and retrieve the information remote workers need safely and securely. How can innovation impact your business while helping you remain agile? How can sophisticated machine learning software and automated workflow solutions help?

Join Iron Mountain and a select group of industry experts to discuss how you can set-up your organization and remote workforce for success as we pivot forward.

Discussion Topics

How to be agile when your workforce remains remote.
Bringing physical and digital data together to support your teams.
Creating a long-term business continuity plan.
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