Technology - Virtual Roundtable

How business services can harness growth and build client trust in a digital world

24th November 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
Harnessing personalised, influential client experiences in a remote environment

The need to rapidly pivot to virtual has forced businesses to think outside the box. Without the brick and mortar of the office to join up departments, aid collaboration and connect organisations physically to their customers, the role of digital and its vital place within business continuity has ramped up.

Limited face-to-face interactions puts strain on client relationships, yet our teams need to be able to connect to complete work to the same standard as before, or better, if we’re to win their trust.

So, how can we demonstrate our quality of service outside the physical office? How can we stay competitive in a world driven by emerging technology and innovation? And how can we offer personalized, influential experiences to our customers from a remote workplace?

Join Salesforce and a select group of industry peers to discuss how to make your business thrive in a distributed environment and offer the ultimate client experience that builds brand loyalty and retention.

Discussion Topics

How has the move to a virtual way of working affected your business? What are the main challenges you’ve experienced without a brick and mortar office?
How has your sales pipeline been following COVID-19? What steps are you taking to harness business growth through disruption?
How are you personalising the client experience while working remotely? Are your teams able to get a real-time view of your client?
Thought Leader
Edward Wall Senior Area Vice President, Business Services UK and Ireland, Salesforce
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