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Hiring at scale: rebounding from the current crisis stronger than before

10th June 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
How is your organization adapting to business during COVID-19 and beyond from a HR & TA perspective?

The COVID-19 crisis has seen record numbers of Americans laid off as businesses of all types have looked to scale back, restructure or even shut their doors completely. But as organizations begin to adapt to new ways of working and/or cast ahead to when they can reopen again, recruitment once more comes back into sharp focus.

Hiring quality talent takes time and requires a strategy, regardless of a crisis or not. So how do you adapt those plans in the current environment? How do you hire quickly and effectively at scale, without putting recruitment professionals and the public at risk? How do you ensure you do not compromise on quality, and bring in the best talent possible? How do you onboard in a world of remote and socially distanced working? And how do you hire at scale without destroying your current culture?

Join Meet the Boss and Maggie Hulce, SVP, GM Enterprise at Indeed, for an in-depth discussion around hiring at scale. Share best practices with your peers on how to navigate through the current climate.

Discussion Topics

How have you adjusted your recruitment processes (screening, interviewing, onboarding) given current COVID-related restrictions? Do you expect these changes will remain post COVID?
Do you intend to change elements of your talent strategy going forward, for example, how you approach remote work and D&I?
What change to your recruitment process and/or strategy do you think will have the biggest positive impact on your organizations going forward?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Maggie Hulce SVP and General Manager for Enterprise, Indeed
In her role, she focuses on shaping product and go-to-market priorities for Indeed’s largest global customers.… Find out more
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